Private trip to Mělník from Prague

Private trip to Mělník from Prague

Melnik is an old town located north from Prague. The landmarks of the town are the castle and the church spiring at the top of the hill above the rivers. The area is famous for its wine, which you can taste and buy in the castle. Melnik castle, confiscated by the communists, has now been restored to its traditional owners, the princes of Lobkowicz. The church of St.Peter and Paul facing the Menik castle is also worth the visit.

This tour includes visit to the castle and the church.

The castle is open even during the winter period.


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More about the Mělník tour

Melnik is a an old town dominated by a castle and church with a tall tower that also serves as an excellent viewpoint for overseeing the confluence of rivers Vltava and Labe. It takes about 1 hour to get to Melnik from Prague.

Mělník photos:

Sightseeing in Melnik

Melnik is an old town about 45-minute's drive north from Prague, where river Vltava joins river Labe. The first historical records mentioning Melnik are from the 9th century and Melnik received a status of a town at 1274. The landmarks of the town are the castle and the church spiring at the top of the hill above the rivers.

The original church was built in the 10th century and then rebuilt in High-Gothic style in the 15th century. You can climb to the top of the church tower and enjoy the view of the confluence of rives Vltava and Labe (Moldau and Elbe in German). Later on an ossuary was added to the church.

The castle used to serve as a seat for widow-queens of Bohemia. In 1542, the castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. The castle was pledged to several families in the past. It has been in possession of the current owners, the Lobkowitz family since the middle of 18th century except during World War II and the 40 years of communism. Lobkowitz have been renovating the castle since 1992, and Melnik castle is one of the few castles open to public even during winter.

The area is famous for its wine. When Charles IV, the Czech king and Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire brought wine from Burgundia and improved Melnik vineyards, the town importance grew. The thirty-year war had terrible impact on the town and it was swept by fires in 17th and 18th centuries. The importance of the town started to increase again in 19th and 20th century, when new industries were introduced in the town. You can buy wine in the castle and have lunch in a castle restaurant with view of the confluence of the rivers.


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