Transportation within Czech Republic

Transportation within Czech Republic

Hire a car, mini-van or limousine with an English-speaking driver to drive you anywhere within the Czech Republic. The vehicle and the driver will be at your disposal. We only use Mercedes-Benz class vehicles in top conditions. The drivers can at least follow basic conversation in English, you do not have to worry about setting up or changing the itinerary. We make sure the drivers have proper attire and that they will gladly help you to get around the Czech Republic.

All our drivers can speak at least basic English and are able to answer your questions about Prague and the Czech Republic.

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  • 1-way transferSedan ComfortFamily vanVIP Limousine
  • Prague-Brno (2.5 hours) N/A300 EUR347 EUR451 EUR
  • Prague-Ceske Budejovice (2 hours) N/A254 EUR295 EUR382 EUR
  • Prague-Cesky Krumlov (2.5 hours) N/A283 EUR360 EUR426 EUR
  • Prague-Hradec Kralove (1.5 hours) N/A197 EUR226 EUR294 EUR
  • Prague-Liberec (1.5 hours) N/A185 EUR209 EUR278 EUR
  • Prague-Ostrava (3.5 hours) N/A480 EUR572 EUR718 EUR


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