Private Prague city tour - Half-day sightseeing

Private Prague city tour - Half-day sightseeing

Are you on a tight schedule and can't take the detailed day tour of Prague? Or do you prefer a brief introduction to the best landmarks of Prague and then exploring the city on your own? Then the quick half-day city tour of Prague is the right choice for you! It offers the maximum experience packed in 4 intense hours.

Prague is nicknamed the "pearl among cities" for a reason. The whole city center is included in UNESCO. One is stunned by the beauty of its contrasting yet harmonic architecture. Gothic cathedrals rub shoulder with renaissance mansions, synagogues, baroque churches, cubist buildings, and Art Nouveau palaces.

The standard half-day Prague city tour consists of the visit to the Prague castle (St.Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace and St.George basilica), the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, but we can customize the tour according to your preferences.


Prague main attractions

Prague castle

The largest castle complex in Europe, the dominant of Prague, the seat of the Czech kings and presidents with a 1000-year old history.

Old Town Square

The heart of the Old Town which had witnessed the milestones of Czech history. Marvel at the richly decorated houses, churches, and the town hall.

Charles bridge

The 2nd oldest stone bridge in Czechia connecting the Old Town and Little Quarter. Decorated by 30 magnificent statues.

Contents of the brief Prague tour

The half-day sightseeing tour of Prague begins when our guide (and driver) pick you up at your hotel.

Then we will drive to one of the spectacular panoramic city viewpoints where you can shoot great photos of the picturesque sea of the red roofs of the burger houses, the copper-green churches and the dark limestone of the watchtowers. You will fully appreciate why Prague is often called a city of 100 spires from the vantage point.

Then we will move to the Prague castle. If you are really short on time, it is possible to see just the free zone of the St.Vitus cathedral (about 6 meters / 20 feet from the entrance) and then pass through the courtyards, but we strongly recommend adding the combined ticket for the cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St.George's church and the Golden Lane - seeing all these, we will spend about 1.5 hours at the Prague castle.

We continue to the majestic Charles bridge, the second oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic founded by Charles IV in 1357. It is decorated by 30 mostly baroque monumental statues.

Afterward, we get on the car and move to the Old Town square surrounded by a mix of colorful houses and churches. You must not miss the beautiful moving astronomical clock (orloj) of the Old Townhall, followed by going up to the Old Townhall tower for a splendid view.

Important tour info:

  • Many parts of Prague are car-free zones, these will be done on foot
  • Prague castle is the seat of the Czech president, everyone must undergo a quick security check upon the entrance. The waiting times in peak times in the high season can be up to 15-20 mins (the views are nice and our guide will be providing a general explanation about the castle while in the queue)
  • The St.Vitus cathedral is closed until approx. noon every Sunday due to mass
  • If you do not include the tickets to the Prague castle, you can still see the free zone (about 6 meters = 20 feet from the entrance) of the St.Vitus cathedral and pass through the castle courtyards
  • You can choose between climbing up the tower of the Charles bridge (no elevator) or the tower of the Old Townhall (elevator, but sometimes longer waiting times) - or you can order both and we can try squeezing them in
  • The tour is fully customizable. If you wish to start (or finish) the Prague tour from the airport, it is possible, but it may cost an additional charge

The tour ends either in the Old Town, where we will gladly recommend a restaurant for lunch, or we can drive you back to your hotel.


Configure your trip:


  • Castle (paid zone) Closed Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su (01 Mar 2024 - 31 Dec 2024) 1 x 25 EUR
  • Old Townhall Tower Closed Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su (19 Dec 2022 - 31 Oct 2024) 1 x 12.5 EUR
  • Bridge tower Closed Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su (19 Dec 2022 - 31 Oct 2024) 1 x 8 EUR
Brief Prague half-day

Prague half-day

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This half-day tour will briefly show you the most important sightseeing spots.

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