Prague sightseeing tour - Full-day

Prague sightseeing tour - Full-day

Discover the beauty of Prague in detail during the full-day Prague city tour. Prague (or Praha in Czech) also called the pearl among cities is famous for her contrasting but harmonic architecture. Gothic cathedrals rub shoulder with synagogues, baroque churches, renaissance mansions, cubist buildings and art nouveau palaces. The Old town is included in UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Take the full-day Prague city tour and explore this romantic medieval city in detail.

The full-day Prague city tour includes visit to the Prague castle (we recommend entrance to the St.Vitus cathedral, Old Royal Palace and St.George basilica), Charles bridge, The Old Town square (we recommend entrance to the Old Townhall tower), Jewish Quarter, The Municipal house and the Vysehrad church with its cemetery.


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Prague (Praha in Czech) is the capital of the Czech Republic and the most popular Czech attraction. What can you enjoy in Prague?

  • Romantic historical experience in the well preserved city center
  • Shopping, dining, entertainment and comfort of a modern European capital
  • Convenient location in the center of the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe
  • One of the most beautiful panoramic city views in the world
  • Variety of galleries, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events of top world quality


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Configure your trip:


  • Prague castle Closed Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su (24 Dec 2017 - 23 Dec 2018) 1 x 12 EUR
  • Strahov monastery Closed Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su (01 Apr 2018 - 23 Dec 2018) 1 x 5 EUR
  • Old Townhall Tower Closed Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su (01 Jan 2018 - 31 Dec 2018) 1 x 12 EUR
Prague in detail

Prague in detail

Explore one of the most romantic cities in Europe in detail during our full-day tour!

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